Mario’s Restaurant

This isn’t retro, this is real. We’ve been around since 1948. There aren’t many restaurants with this kind of character. One step inside and you’ll see that this is a place that time doesn’t touch. We like to keep it that way. From our service to our cuisine you’ll feel right at home in our warm, elegant, and traditional atmosphere. If you like the atmosphere, wait until you taste our food. 

Mario’s has to be one of the last existing supper clubs of its era. It’s an unpretentious, old-school kind of cool. The type of Italian joint where you’re served a vegetable and relish tray as soon as you sit down. 

Mario’s provides a truly unique dining experience with table-side cooking, astounding service, valet parking, and ballroom dancing on the weekends. Since it’s close to the Theater District, Mario’s is a great place to dine before or after a show. In fact, shuttles are offered to select locations.

Mario's Waiters